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    I just couldn't keep Misty away from the bottom step of my back staircase. I thought that someone had spilled something so I kept shooing her away. But, every time that I succeeded, she ran back, constantly licking the step. Finally, I decided to have a closer look. I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw something move. At first, I thought that one of my nesting girls had become entrapped, but, then I realized that I was looking at fur not feathers. And, what I saw enchanted me ... a little opossum family had taken up residence. I could see the babies climbing and cuddling with their mother. And, best of all, no one minded me watching!!!

For more about my little opossum family, click on "One Brief Moment in Time ..."

    Flora is my dominant muscovy female and, as such, she gets to pick the best nesting place, which usually is somewhere near my house in the backyard. However, this year, surprisingly, Flora chose a spot on the front side of my house under my sunroom windows beneath thick, old yews. 

    As an aside, and, of course, I really don't believe it for a minute ... however ... at times, I can't help but wonder if the absence of nests in my backyard is mainly due to the antics and curiosity of a certain blue merle collie puppy by the name of Misty Blue???!!!

    Flora patiently sat on her nest, getting off only once or twice a day to drink, take a bath and eat some corn. And, then, almost exactly two months to the day that she began sitting, out she came with five beautiful little ducklings. I don't think I will ever stop being amazed at the wonders of nature. And, as Flora proudly parades her babies all over my front lawn, I am not surprised at the cars who stop to enjoy this touching sight!



I was sitting on my terrace enjoying reading a great novel when out of the corner of my eye I spotted an American Bittern happily drinking from my birdbath. He stayed long enough for me to not only enjoy watching him but to sneak inside, get my camera and take some really good pictures.






Charity was one of my bravest girls this season. In spite of all the chaos the construction of our new addition has caused, she calmly made her nest on the top tier of my terrace. I had to constantly remind the workers to be careful where they threw their discarded materials so as not to disturb her. I think she got a great deal of attention from them - and I know a lot of extra treats! 

Sadly, after sitting on her nest for six weeks with only two weeks more to go until her eggs hatched, she lost them, one dark night, to a predator. She is now beginning to look for a new nesting site.



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