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    Well, they're here ... the first babies of 2001 ... Hatched almost one month to the day that Mother Goose began sitting on her nest!


    I was down at the dock early this morning feeding the ducks when I looked up across the creek and there on the dredging company's dock were six little greenish yellow heads peering out over the bulkhead. And a very pleased Mother and Father Goose it was who were proudly showing off their adorable little goslings.


     I couldn't wait to see them close up. The first babies of the season are always so special, so eagerly awaited, and even though I've been so fortunate to see this renewal of life over and over again, I still get goosebumps.

    My husband and I drove around to the dredging company with a "baby-present" of cracked corn for the proud parents. Yet, as well as they know me, Father Goose still challenged me when he thought I was coming too close. I always respect their wishes and, after a minute or so, Father Goose calmed down, accepted my present and let me take some pictures to honor this momentous occasion.

     I kept going down to the creek all morning, hoping to catch another glimpse of the little guys, but, I guess, these very experienced goose parents felt their babies probably had had enough excitement for their first morning. I suspected that Mother Goose had tucked the goslings under her for a nice leisurely nap.


    Around one o'clock, I heard a lot of honking down by the creek and I went to investigate. There were the little goslings swimming and playing in the water, enjoying every new adventure that their parents took them on. They were so cute, I just couldn't take my eyes off of them




    When I finally did pry my eyes off of them, I got some cracked corn, mostly for Momma and Poppa, which I spread on my little duck ramp. Once the babies saw their parents eating, it was only a matter of time before they tried some too! 




    And, then, as quickly as they came, that's how quickly the sweet little goose family swam away. 

    Godspeed, my little friends ...



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