Sunday, May 17, 2009

George awakens from his long winter's nap ...

George, the groundhog, came out from his long winter's nap. I had been anxiously watching for him since March ... and, of course, worrying about him. When the landscapers did my spring clean-up, they covered the entrance to his tunnel and I feared that George might suffocate. I did dig out the entrance immediately. But, on May 1st, I noticed a new "exit" so George is safe, fine and out and about!

Tommy turkey wanders aimlessly about my garden looking for his mother and his sisters. They are all off nesting, I suppose. I feel so sorry for Tommy. Yesterday morning I found him sitting on the doormat in front of my front door. I guess he's lonesome and just wants company.

I promised myself that I would write in my blog every day. Of course, I made that promise on New Year's Day but ... better late than never