Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hummingbirds ...

I named her Rose partly because she is so beautiful and so delicate ... and partly because she reminded me of someone very special to me. She stayed all summer, thrilling me with her graceful flights and enjoying the nectar from all the special flowers I had planted in my garden for her. She visited several times a day, resting on dead tree limbs or my wrought iron pillars, and I couldn't help but wonder if her nest was hidden somewhere in my garden.

I hated the thought of her leaving ... migrating to Costa Rica ... flying non-stop, some five hundred miles, over the Gulf. When she finally did leave, I truly missed her daily visits.

And, then, today, I received another gift of nature ... another marvel ... or marvels ... four ruby-throated hummingbirds were in my garden enjoying my Agastache and my Spigelia marilandica, a beautiful native wildflower with wonderful tubular orange blossoms. They stayed for quite a while just enjoying ... but not as much as I!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A September Weekend ...

One of the "twins!"

This weekend was absolutely glorious ... in the low 70's, sunny and dry ... a weekend that I just don't want to end.

I guess my wild-friends felt that way too since they all made an appearance. The twin fawns and the turkey babies have really grown ... almost as big as their moms!

Millie, the bunny, is also getting big ... but, thankfully, not as quickly as the fawns and the turkeys.

My pond was covered today with a flock of bluejays ... a lot prettier and more colorful than the grackles ... and just as rambunctious!

I saw Rose, the hummingbird, earlier in the week. I wonder when she'll migrate. It is truly amazing that when ruby-throated hummingbirds migrate to Costa Rica they cross the Gulf ... some 500 miles ... non-stop!

My weekend was extra special because my son Michael came to visit. He cooked me an absolutely delicious dinner: pork chops in a brown sugar sauce, smashed red potatoes and green beans with a fresh-from-my-garden tomato and onion glaze. Yummy ....