Friday, February 22, 2008

A Winter's Pond ...

It's the first significant snowfall of the season and what a beauty it was! It turned a drab winter garden into a white fairyland ...

Amid the deer=prints in the snow, the brightly colored plumage of the cardinals and bluejays truly brightened a gray day.

Mr. and Mrs. downy woodpecker dined on both sides of my suet feeder, while a tiny wren combed the snow at the bottom for tidbits of suet.

My butterfly bushes were filled with juncos, their dark little bodies almost looking like buds, as they waited for their turn at the feeders that were covered with black-capped chickadees, tufted titmice and red-breasted nuthatches.

My robin was back, frantically looking for a holly berry he might have missed. then it was off to my cotoneasters which still have plenty of berries ... but I guess they are not as tasty as the holly berries.

And, of course, after they filled up on corn, my crow family yelled and cawed for some table scraps. And, I obliged with some leftovers.


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